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Lena-Rekdal - Newcomer's Relocation Sweden

Lena Rekdal - Founder and Managing Director

P. +46 8 665 65 69
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Lena grew up in Tunisia, Sweden and Switzerland. She received a B.Sc. at Skidmore College, US in 1988 and an MBA from Webster University in UK 1993 and has worked internationally since then. In 1995, she founded Newcomer’s Immigration and Relocation. She continues, on a day-to-day basis, to ensure that individuals and families visiting Sweden have a fantastic stay!

Johanna Lennartson - Newcomer's Relocation Sweden

Johanna Lennartson - Director of Operations

P. +46 8 653 35 10
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Johanna gained her masters in Service Management, from Lund University. Since then she's gained over 8 years of relocation and immigration experience, mostly with Newcomer's Immigration and Relocation, specializing in expatriate management, corporate relocation, global mobility and immigration law.

Meeting people from all cultures, in all ages, in different job positions, working with various products is enriching for us. With our collective knowledge we provide Smooth Arrivals, Easy Living, Swift Departure and make a big difference for out clients.
Newcomer's was established in 1995 and is one of the most innovative relocation & immigration companies in Europe. Nordic nationals are fanatic about productivity and time. One theory is that it is due to the cold weather - if you stop and chitchat on the street you will simply freeze on the spot!

Things happen indoors, online and very fast. The way of doing things is undergoing amazing changes and we are at the forefront in our industry in utilizing new technology. Newcomer's Academy is a Productivity Lab. Here we research, test and evaluate tools and methodologies. Our mission is twofold:
- to respond to our clients' demands on increasing efficiency
- and to have fun at work

That being said, business is business, and our clients come first. Each transferee, HR or relocation partner, should find it pleasant and efficient to work with Newcomers.

Sweden is a startup tech scene with companies venturing to larger markets and we go with them to conquer the world with the support we can lend to their success.

Traditional industries may not make the news quite as often, but working together with solid Global Mobility Policies and sending and receiving talented people to and from Sweden is of course just as rewarding.

Navigating around housing markets and immigration agencies and partners globally is there to enable our clients to have seamless transitions when sending and receiving staff from near and afar.

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