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“Thank you Newcomer’s!”

“Apart from the fact that we are really missing the sun, everything “works within the normal parameters” :-) Gothenburg is a very nice city and we are trying to explore it as much as possible; work goes well too and we are doing our best in trying to start communicating in Swedish, it’s a lot trickier than it sounds :-)but we’ll get there. Conclusion: so far so good, starting to get a small feeling of “home” :-) Keep in touch and thanks for being here for us!”


“I would like to thank you for your help in me relocation!! You certainly played a very important role in my integration. I’m very happy that you accompanied me in my beginnings! It’s so important to have somebody who can help when you don’t know the country.”


“They are really friendly and amazing. And Emma is like a friend who recommends me the best things.”


“They were responsive, helpful, and did a great job getting me and my family here. Thank you Newcomers!”


“I would like to inform you that we have received a good service with regard to XXX’s case and Nana has been very helpful and responsive with this case.”


“Yes, life is OK…especially now we have Mr XX sorted out !!  I really am very grateful to you and your team for the hard work that has gone into this one”

– HR

“Had a really great experience, response time was awesome and always keeping me updated and informed. Congrats!”

– Transferee

Recent comments

“Thank you for your prompt response equallyJ its great to work with a person like you!!”

“Thanks Lena, I’ll keep you posted asap. You have a wonderful weekend too. We’re going to Oslo for the night, just because we can!”

“Actually you gave me more than I needed, but this is extremely helpful.”

“Just a quick not to tell you I love the Healthy Relocation program idea!”

“Great video!”

“this is all really helpful and I appreciate you calling me to explain and everything you’re doing to try to help!”

“Tack för ett superbra samarbete över åren! Behöver vi liknande hjälp på mitt nya företag så vet jag vart jag ska vända mig! J”

“Thank you to again to you and Sandrine for all your effort and support taken to make this possible at your end so quickly.. you both are stars:-)”

“Andrea and I want to both thank you and your team for finding us our apartment and for your professionalism. Although it’s only been one night there, we really feel at home. Me, being a gadget person, I love all the mod cons. The area is fantastic too.”

“Well done and thank you again.”

“Hello Anne-Marie,

Thank you so much for your help, this is great.”

“Hej Lena, så roligt att det löste sig med dagis! Det tyckte jag var roligt för dem.”

“Tack själv ska jag säga, det var trevligt att lära ”känna” er och ert företag. Jag tar gärna emot information från er om webinars och andra informationsmöten.

Ha det så gott i höstmörkret! Hoppas vi har möjlighet att jobba tillsammans igen J”

“By the way, EXCELLENT video on the Healthy Relocations…Blew me away. I want it!!”

“You are a STAR Sandra!”

“Thank you for your clear, concise answers. Equally a pleasure to read your eloquent emails! Magical yes – how about you? Experiencing some magic as well?”

“This is great and FYI – Irena will be attending the webinar – great idea Newcomers!!”