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swedesSome people think of Sweden as the four S’s: Socialism, Suicide, Spirits and Sex. The image is so powerful that even many Swedes believe in it – even though it’s completely inaccurate.

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cultural-shock-swedenLiving in a foreign country can expand your horizons. Right? So, why are you feeling homesick? Depressed? Maybe even bitter and resentful of being in a place with values so different from your own?

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swedish-business-cultureSwedish Managers are practical and technically capable but not very imaginative. Philosophy and abstract thinking baffle them.

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swedish-customs-and-traditionsThe A – Z (or nearly) of Swedish customs and traditions. This guide is meant to give you a leg up on daily situations that you may encounter in your new life in Sweden.

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swedish calendar days eventsA list of the all the most important Swedish public holidays and unofficial calendar events, like Fat Tuesday and the summer crayfish parties.

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swedish parliamentIn Sweden we have three democratically elected levels of government: the Parliament at national level, the county council at regional level and the municipality at local level.

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