House Hunting

House_HuntingThe One Day House Hunting Service is part of our Destination Services and consists of six different stages which are divided into several days. The actual viewings is on one occasion only.

  • Needs Assessment: We will do a needs assessments and provide a current guide to rent costs and ask to receive a filled in questionnaire.
  • Property Scheduling: Available properties on the market will be presented and scheduled.
  • Accompanied Viewings: Newcomer’s staff accompany the clients to the viewings, translate and give advice about the properties.
  • Lease Implementation: We negotiate terms and set up the lease agreement between the landlord and the company.
  • Property Inspection: Before move-in, Newcomer’s will conduct a superficial inspection of the property. The inspection is to avoid extra costs when moving out.
  • Key coordination: We co-ordinate the various keys, alarm codes and passwords to make sure everything is handed over properly.

For full service listing see our Relocation Programs

All relocation services will be conducted by a personally assigned relocation consultant, introductory information about Sweden, explanation of the rental market and access to Newcomer’s exclusive site content. When employees move to or from Sweden remember that we are part of an unique network that reaches into remote areas of the world and can welcome or say goodbye to your employees there as well.

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