Swift Departure

Swift_DepartureThe Swift Departure Assistance is designed to facilitate the move. We keep you compliant with the authorities and prepare a good ending to your stay here.

Swift Departure Sweden

Download the Swift Departure fact sheet

Below you can see what we will do to ensure a swift departure:

  • Government Compliance: Newcomer’s will notify the tax authority and the population registry and other relevant authorities. We will ask you to sign the forms after they have been prepared by us.
  • Mail Forwarding: Newcomer’s will facilitate getting your mail forwarded.
  • Meter Reading: We will handle the ordering of the final electricity bill. We will also read the meter for water during the final inspection of the property.
  • Facilitate Utility Accounts: We will facilitate closing relevant utility accounts such as telephone, cable TV, internet, insurance, etc.
  • Move Management: We will facilitate ordering a cleaning company. We will also get quotes from moving companies.
  • Property Inspection: We will handle the inspection of your property after your departure whilst a joint walk out with both tenant and landlord is preferred.
  • Key Handling: We will hand over the key to the landlord.
  • Handover to Partner: We will, if desired, arrange a smooth handover to a relocation partner in our global network.
  • Support Pages: The clients will have the opportunity to access our Support Pages with information on moving on.


All relocation services will be conducted by a personally assigned relocation consultant, introductory information about Sweden, explanation of the rental market and access to Newcomer’s exclusive site content. When employees move to or from Sweden remember that we are part of an unique network that reaches into remote areas of the world and can welcome or say goodbye to your employees there as well.

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